Our story

Kiblo Caps Co. is a company born in Guadalajara, founded by Kiki and Pablo, two best friends determined to create a product unlike any other. This vision became a reality thanks to Kiki's 12 years of expertise in cap crafting and Pablo's 9 years of marketing experience. Thus, this project came to life, giving rise to an elegant, versatile, and high-quality cap.

How it's done


Kiblo Caps Company's caps are crafted from start to finish in Guadalajara, Jalisco. The entire manufacturing process is meticulously overseen by our designers to ensure every detail is cared for. Our skilled production team is also well-qualified to create high-quality caps, so our customers can enjoy a durable and well-crafted headwear piece. This serves as a reminder that what's made in Mexico is made with excellence.

One for all

Look & feel

A Kiblo cap aims to adapt to you, not the other way around. This is achieved through its versatility, offering you a cap that effortlessly complements any type of outfit and look.